About Us

The State Line Sports Bar & Grill opened in 2005
& completed an expansion/remodeling project in the summer of 2015
to include a full service, supper club style dining area
called the State Line Steakhouse!

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In mid 2004 Wayne Viessman and some of his Lake Cochrane friends were gathered together on a Saturday afternoon for some socialization.  As the day progressed, the conversation turned to the need for a local gathering place that was closer to the shores of Lake Cochrane in rural Gary, South Dakota.  Everyone agreed they should all become partners and launch this new “watering hole” as soon as possible.

Over the next several months Wayne Viessman became driven by the concept of a fun place for everyone to gather in a casual and inviting atmosphere closer to the homes and outdoor activities around Lake Cochrane and the surrounding area near Gary, South Dakota.  Wayne’s dedication to this effort resulted in a long-standing partnership with Ryan Runia who was an experienced tavern owner and operator.  Together Ryan and Wayne devised a strategy to create a welcoming and comfortable establishment that would offer refreshments as well as great food with excellent service!

On January 1, 2005 the State Line Sports Bar & Grill opened to great acclaim and soon became known for their customized pizza and homemade bloody mary mix!  Over the past decade the State Line Sports Bar & Grill has become a destination for regulars, as well as travelers and visitors from afar.  In 2009 Wayne Viessman and Ryan Runia welcomed new investment into the project from Ryan Viessman and Joey Viessman.  This group of four men continue today as owners of the State Line and are excited for you to see their expanded and remodeled facility which now includes the State Line Steakhouse completed in the summer of 2015.

The State Line Steakhouse offers steaks and other fine dining options Wednesday through Sunday, along with the great food at the State Line Sports Bar & Grill available seven days a week!


Come visit the State Line today!